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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

welcome to Varun Enterprises


Address: 5309 Grain Market Near B.D.Sen.Sec.School

Ambala , Haryana , India - 133001



Email: edulabind@gmail.com


Nautical, Survey, Meteorological Instruments And Equipment

Manufacturing & supplying of survey instruments.

Medical & Hospital Supplies & Consumables

Manufacturing & supplying of medical & hospital supplies.

stapes piston

Plastic memory provides secure closure. Easily Trimmed with scissor or cutting tool from 6.00mm-3.50mm length. Much Biocompatible with biological tissues. Conventional design for easy attachment with Long Process of Incus.

Nautical, Survey, Meteorological Instruments And Equipment

Manufacturing & supplying of survey instruments.

Scientific Equipment and Scientific Instrument

Advanced Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope is designed for the examination of tissue cultures and liquid residues in special laboratory vessels. The microscope allows studying the specimen in transmitted light under bright field and phase contrast. It finds vast application in Cancer Research, Sirology, Urology, Histology, Sexology, Virology, Parasitology, Microbiology, and also in areas of Air and Water pollution. This advanced designed instrument is having all the features required by modern biological scientist. It can also be used for phase contrast microscopy to impart normally colourless transparent specimen with enough contrast to permit clear examination of living bacteria, cells, tissues, etc. The microscope is having a robust, rigid vibration resistant design that greatly reduces vibrations and improves operation. Trinocular Head is intended for microscopic imaging through video cameras & film cameras. Microscope illumination system incorporates a long working distance condenser for observation of specimens in culture vessels of upto 70mm. long. With the condenser in swing out position the stage can accommodate extra long vessels upto 150mm. Moving of vessels located on the stage can be done manually or using the attachment substage with co-axial X-Y controls. To accommodate a variety of vessels, including extra long flasks and high profile bottles, the stage can be extended by means of an extension plate.


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