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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

welcome to Cadillac Impex


Contact Person: Ankit Khaire


Vadodara , Gujarat , India - 390012



Email: info@cadillacimpex.com


Bamboo Toothbrush

Easy to hold handle, bristles are available as per choice made from charcoal or premium nylon. You can start your day by using eco-friendly product, what could be better than this. Let use the bamboo products and be part of the sustainable community.

Bamboo Toothbrush Case

Bamboo made toothbrush case is useful for preventing a toothbrush from dust and insects. This premium looking case is also useful for keeping incense sticks.

Bamboo Steamer/Dimsum Basket

Bamboo serving baskets hosts the best way to the presentation of food in naturally made material. The best thing about this basket is, you can steam, serve & eat in the same basket without using other utensils. So, it will decrease your dishwashing efforts.

Bamboo Mug

Drinking beer or milk from porcelain, glass, or clay mug is old-school now. Bamboo made mug is the unique choice right now. You will feel the taste & aroma of this natural product, when you use it for drinking your stuff. A big handle makes you feel like holding an elegant piece of art.

Bamboo Glass

Long & narrow glass of bamboo is an ideal choice for whom likes the natural water. Water kept in bamboo glass is beneficial to health. Also useful for juices.

Bamboo Coaster

Bamboo made coasters are very much needed product in tableware. Colour of bamboo is easily hiding the stains of tea or coffee from a coaster, as well as the coaster prevents the stains from the table.

Bamboo Tea-Pitcher

Bamboo made tea pitcher is simply good tableware product. It is enhancing the aroma of tea with a natural aroma of bamboo. Bamboo tea pitcher represents the eco-friendly way of serving the tea or coffee.

Bamboo Cutlery

Now, enjoy your favourite fruits, noodles, desserts or any of your favourite food with our eco-friendly bamboo made cutlery. Enjoy your food with freshness & aroma of bamboo. Our bamboo made cutlery represents a sustainable solution for the plastic cutlery. It is durable, biodegradable & eco-friendly. 

Bamboo Salt-Pepper Shaker

Our bamboo made salt & pepper shakers enhance the beauty of your dining table. These tiny tabletop tools are very valuable at dining. It represents the modern Indian craftsmanship. Use for sprinkle salt, pepper, or other seasonings. Pores of the shakers are also handmade.

Bamboo Jug

Bamboo made jug is the eco-friendly as well as healthier product for kept the water. Water kept in the bamboo jug is inhibiting the ageing process. It also helps to control the cholesterol & increase the immunity.


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