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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

welcome to Dongguan Dayang Aerosol Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Contact Person: Rajni Kukreti

Address: 14/F Yida Apartment, Henzeng Road, Changan

Dongguan , Guangdong , China - 511700



Email: market3@dayangsprayidea.com



Dongguan Dayang Aerosol chemical technology Co.,Ltd.the factory buildings take up 120000 square meters,and the annual output of aerosol products is more than 70 million of bottles.we have already developed 8 different series products including All-purpose spray adhesives, Multi-purpose spray adhesives, Sponge spray adhesives, Embroidery spray adhesives, Silicone thread lubricants, Spot lifters, Removers and Contact adhesives. We also developed GUERQI, JIEERQI and BANGERQI famous brands for China mainland and SPRAYIDEA for overseas successfully.

Pressure sensitive spray ashesive

Pressure sensitive spray adhesive 96 is an eco friendly product provide aggressive tack. And also have wide range of spray adhesive according to their use.

Fabric & textile spot lifter

Sprayidea spot lifter

Embroidery spray adhesive

1. Sprayidea Embroidery spray adhesive 2. Sprayidea screen printing spray adhesive

Anti Rust Lubricant DY-40

Anti rust lubricant DY-40 is a great rust removal product which gave protective coating to metal surface and we also can call it a moisture lubricant. it is also useful for electronics.

Foam & Upholstery spray adhesive a,d Acoustic Material spray adhesive

Sponge spray adhesive 32 and Polystyrene spray adhesive 33 specially made for foam based products they does not harm to any foam material and also give high strength permanent bonding. Acoustic Material spray adhesive 93 is special solution for acoustic materials.


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