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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

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Mosquito Net Roller for Windows

Roller Mosquito Net for Windows fitment systems could also be used for bathroom ventilator nets, kitchen ventilator nets and for any opening that mosquitoes could come in to your house. As these fitment systems are centrally fabricated in a highly quality controlled factory, the mosquito screen fitment systems are of the highest quality.



Mosquito net for doors and windows in Stainless steel, Aluminium by Phifer Mosquito net from the world's largest brand, now in India. Lead free, fire retardant and anti bacterial certified.

Glossy Roll up mosquito net fitment

Glossy Roll up fitment system is an innovative product that rolls up and disappears into an aluminum section when opened. And could be easily pulled down and locked at the bottom when mosquito protection is needed. It need not be closed all the time and could be rolled down only when needed. This system employs braking technology that helps the mesh roll up in a slow pace when retracted and doesnt speedily open with a thud at the top. It also employs a self cleaning mechanism that cleans the mesh and the rollers every time the mesh is rolled up and down. This keeps the mechanism from getting jammed due to accumulation of dust.

Pleated Mosquito Net Fitment from Phiferindia

Best suited fitment at places where you need the option of making the fitment disappear! Pleated fitment option is an elegant and aesthetic model that will aid the interiors. The sliding pleated mesh could be opened and it rests in a 2 inch aluminum frame that it almost disappears. You could close the mesh only when you need mosquito protection and when closed it still allows the breeze to flow in and light to shine into the room without any obstruction.

Mosquito Mesh for Doors and Windows - Mosquito Screen Manufacturer Phiferindia

Phifer is the only international brand in the Mosquito net market in India with multiple fitment options and mesh options to protect families from Mosquito borne diseases.

Glide Fit Mosquito Net - Mosquito Screen Manufacturers - Phiferindia

Glide Fit is variety of sliding system best suited for large openings. As this fitment system used heavy aluminum sections in the frame, the structural rigidity is strong.

Mosquito Net for Doors and Windows - Mosquito Screen Suppliers in India

Phifer is also the only brand to have various types of net options like fibre glass nets, aluminium nets, stainless steel nets(SS nets), bronze nets, solar screens & pet meshes. These net options could be used on window type mosquito screens, roll-up mosquito screens, sliding mosquito screens, pleated mosquito screens, door type mosquito screens and Mosquito Net for Windowsbarrier free mosquito screens.

Crease Fit Pleated Mosquito Net - Mosquito Net Manufacturers Phiferindia

Sliding fitment option for windows that couldnt have swinging type of fitments and those that have space restrictions. Usually fitted for UPVC windows, this fitment option uses a slim yet strong section for the frame and any of the four types of meshes from Phifer like, Fiberglass, Aluminum, stainless steel and Bronze could be used.



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