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WELCOME TO PRUTHVI KHETIWADI KENDRA Highly effective Organic Fertilizer, Organic Granular Fertilizer,Pesticides,water soluble and chemical fertilizer quality product at competitive prices About Us PRUTHVI KHETIWADI KENDRA is a well-known global leading organic fertilizer organization. An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company engaged as a Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer and Marketing company of organic fertilizers. Hence, we are actively engaged in the production of International Quality Organic Agriculture Fertilizer. We specialize in offering an extensive and qualitative range of Organic Products like Uberty Soil Conditioner (N.P.K D.A.P – Substitute), Soil Conditioners, Bio Granules, Liquid Bio- Fertilizers, Bio-Pesticides, Chelated Micro nutrients Fertilizers, Bio-Fungicides, Roasted Bentonite Granules, Plant Growth Regulator, Double Roasted Granules, Bio Zyme Liquid, Blank Clay Granules, Humic Acid, Nitro Benzene Liquid, etc. With the experience of more than a decade we have consistently provided our quality approved agro products to clients worldwide. Our firm employs highly experienced team of professionals and a latest technology machine as part of our modern infrastructure setup. The advanced facilities help us to remain among the most active and reliable firms in the market. Our entire range of Organic Fertilizer, Agro, and Bio Chemical products are produced to ensure good health of the crops and make them environment friendly in nature. We introduce to the Agriworld the best quality range of fertilizers


12:61:00 Fertilizer We are engaged in offering superior quality Green life Fertilizer (Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP - 12:61:00). Our Green life Fertilizer is made using organic ingredients and is free from any chemicals. Our Green life Fertilizer, available as Richfield β 12:61:00 (MAP) is the best supplement to supply phosphorus and nitrogen simultaneously in fertilization programs for soil-grown crops. Nitrogen in Green life Fertilizer is present in the Ammonia form, offering better control over N-availability to plants. Content : • Nitrogen (NH4) 12 % • Phosphorus (P2O5) 61 % Product Details : • Free of Chlorine (Cl-) and heavy metals • Easy handling, free flowing • High Purity Fertilizer : Richfield β 12:61:00 contains no elements detrimental to plants. It is free of Chlorine compounds, Sodium and heavy metals • Fully soluble : Richfield β 12:61:00 is a free flowing crystalline powder that dissolves quickly in water • Compatibility : Richfield β 12:61:00 can be mixed with all water-soluble fertilizers other than Calcium-containing fertilizers • pH Buffer : The Phosphate in MAP buffers fertilization solutions, keeping the pH effectively stable at around 4.5

organic Pesticide

LIMBA -501 Limba-501 is a fine quality Herbal Pesticide prepared using herbal ingredients. The herbal ingredients used in Limba-501 are properly checked for any impurities and are highly effective in destroying insects. This makes our Limba-501highly demanded for ensuring proper growth of crops. Our Limba-501 is 100% herbal and offers excellent results when used with chemical pesticides. This product is useful for destroyed insects and this is also useful in all type of crops. This product is a 100% herbal pesticide and if this product use with chemical pesticides it gives a best result. Products Details : • It is useful for destroying little animals on the leaf of plant as well as protein and calcium in it helps in the proper growth of the plants. • Insects like green and white flea, thrips, crackers, green fly and white fly, grass hopper, etc. can be controlled by this product. • Cotton, vegetables, onion, tobacco, ground nut, grains, sugar cane, wheat, beans, orchard crop, paddy, caminseeds, etc. type of crops give better result through our product. • It can be used in combination with all type of fungus destroyer and insect destroyer product. • LIMBA is an eco-friendly as well as free of pollution. • It is a one type of bio-products. • When the insects are take their food at that time this products go in their body by food. So that’s why it is a 100% pure and effective product which gives result rapidly. • Proportion : 2 to 3 ml in 1 liter water Particular Percentage Neem Arc 9.5 Sitafal Arc 3.0 Nicotine (tobacco) Arc 6.0 Aelovera 3.0 Kadu Arc 2.0 Organic Calcium 2.5 Organic Magnatium 2.5


Uberty Organic Fertilizer (NPK) We are a renowned NPK Fertilizer Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier in India. NPK Fertilizer is organic in nature and is free from any chemicals. Our NPK Fertilizer is available in the market under the brand name Uberty. Our NPK Fertilizer is an excellent food for plants as it offers them important for growth.We offer NPK Fertilizer in bulk quantity, as required by the clients. History Of NPK Fertilizer : • We manufacture Organic granular N.P.K. and now we supply Samples of our fertilizers namely Organic granular N.P.K. after testing the farmers found positive results and started using our product. In 2007 we gave Samples to "Taluka Krushi Vigyan Mela" for research and testing. They gave as number one title in all Organic granular fertilizers which gives optimum and quick results in 2007, we ascended all Gujarat marketing and now supply and manufacture to all farmers in Gujarat. • At present thousands of farmers are recommending other farmers to buy our organic granular N.P.K. • Our company is now approved by the state government and all central companies run by the government are sponsoring and using our product. • You will also be happy to know that, we have got in to Collaboration with Andhra Pradesh’s company. We have made headway in Andhra Pradesh like Gujarat. • In future we plan to create our Organic farms. We advise most of the farmers to plan and use our Organic granular fertilizer. • We always try to give true information to farmers. We always give best product to farmer that product gives best & fast result, we will always try to give best. Product Details : • Drip Main Content -organic. N.P.K. + (Helping Content) Zink – Copper – Magnesium – Sulfur – Boron • Drip Instead of using chemical processed fertilizer like. By using Uberty granules vary rich in natural phosphorus Agricultural expense is reduced production is increased and quality of land Upgrades. • Drip Uberty granules are a granules fertilizer. It is the best option available in fertilizer used as above element while sawing. All necessary required elements are present in required proportion in it. Ingredients Gradient : • Bonemeal 35% Nitrogen • Seaweeds 9% Phosphorus • Seaweeds Extract 3% Potassium • Bentonite 38% Zinc • Dolomite 7% Copper • Wormy Wash 3% Magnesium • Gau Mutra ARK 5% Sulfur • Boron • Calcium Ingredients : • Drip In nature’s fertilizer granules marvelous • Drip Research has been done. Mainly it is made rich by betonies, bone meal, Powder, sea weeds. Betonies Dolomites, Seaweed extract, cow arc, Vermiwash etc. natural mineral elements. Action. As natural lime is in ample proportion it reduces acidity from Soil, improves land and makes it soft. Vermi wash in the liquid which is the best natural element very essential in development of vegetation. It increases the capacity to hold humidity in land. Land becomes Barron by continues use of chemical fertilizers once agon in becomes. Useful for every farming products and No need to use other basic fertilizer once the Uberty Granules given to your Farm. Information of Uberty granules fertilizer and its benefits : • Drip There is a marvelous invention in Uberty granules fertilizer which is natural organic fertilizer. It is made from huge natural minerals viz bentonite, bone meal powder, sea weeds, cow urine, amino acid, vermiwash, dolomite and civid extract. • Drip If you use Uberty granules fertilizer which is made from huge natural phosphorous of bone meal in place. Chemical fertilizer which is made from chemical process, your expense will reduce, production will increase and soil will become fruitful. • Uberty fertilizer is a granules fertilizer. It is a best option when you add fertilizer in sawing. There are all elements in Uberty granules fertilizer which is essential for plants or tree. • Drip There is natural calcium in Uberty granules fertilizer so soil’s hardness will reduce. Soil will become good and soft. • Drip Very essential in vegetation’s growth and best in natural elements is pure vermiwash which is in Uberty granules fertilizer. Soil’s moisture rentanvity will increase very highly. • Drip Soil which was become bad because a use of chemical fertilizer will become fruitful again. There is a huge growth in production. • Drip Soil’s percdation strength will increase and saltish will decrese.soil will become fruitful, conditional and soft with the help of Uberty granules fertilizer. • Drip The crops, fruits, flowers, cereals which are made from this fertilizer will healthy, testy and high quality. • Drip There is a creation of wide range of earthworm and Bactria in soil if you use this fertilizer. So plant’s strength to fight with disease will increase so disease like fungi, emaciated will be stop. Your farm production will increase. • Drip To do a whole blooming in plant, you have to use 75 to 78 kg. Uberty granules fertilizer in 1 ekar. • Drip Natural fertilizer gives a guarantee to increase in farm production then chemical fertilizer. • Drip If you use Uberty granules fertilizer in cotton, groundnut, gira, green seed, maize, cereals and wheat, bazri, gram, tobacco, potato, sugarcane, banana, chilly and all types of crops and vegetables and fruits and trees then you can get very high profit. Drip Main Elements Drip N (Nitrogen) To do a whole growth in vegetation and to keep plants leaves green, it is very useful. Drip P (Phosphorus) It is very important for vegetations life. It will help to growth in root and root stock. It helps to drag minders from soil. Present of phosphorus is very essential at the time of growth of seed so in basic fertilizer phosphorus fertilizer need more. Drip K (Potassium) In procedure of photosunthis, create formation of cell in vegetation, to make haritkan in leaves and in strength of steam in vegetation and to create pulp of fruits it is very important. Drip Assistant Elements Drip Z (Zink) To take more production in grain and to grow vegetation it is essential. Drip B (Boron) To stop a torn of steam of vegetation. Increase the production. Drip Mg (Magnesium) Stop to create emaciated in leaves. Increase the production. Drip S (Sulfur) To do a growth in base of vegetation and increase the production. Drip Cu (Coper) Give protection in front of vegetations basic desease.Protect vegetation in front of fungi and essential in the growth of vegetation.


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