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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

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Contact Person: Raj kumar

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Chocolate Sandstone

Chocolate Sandstone has base colour red with tonal variations being acid proof and snow proof it matches with all type of weather conditions. Last but not the least they can also be used in the garden as garden furniture to make them look colorful and beautiful. Chocolate color are liked by everyone so these slabs are always asked for as they have the ability to make the house look pretty and and classy. The colorful pattern is liked by all people but the interior matching has to be done wisely and sensibly. The color of the interiors and exteriors in the house should be decided according to the slab’s color, texture.

Asian Gold Sandstone

Asian Gold Sandstone have golden color background and waves of multi-colored micro particles that make this stone very eye catching. These slabs and tiles are hard enough to withstand heavy pressure for years and they are equally dazzling when it comes to looks. Asian gold sandstone gangsaw slab is extensively used for architectural purposes in interior and exterior walls, floors and also in monuments. They are available in various types of finishes like polished, flamed, bush hammered, sandblasted, brushed and antique. They add elegance to the space where they are applied.

Agra Red Sandstone

Agra Red Sandstone is a mind blowingly beautiful and exuberant red sandstone that India could be proud of. Agra red is quarried in a place that has an indelible historical impact on the world- Agra. This sandstone slab gives a gorgeous look to the establishments. Due to its red color it can be used with other stones as well and at the same time it can be customized in different shapes also. Agra red sandstone gangsaw natural slabs and tiles look elegant and dramatic in interior and exterior decoration applications such as floorings in rooms and garden, cladding of walls and making table and counter tops.

Rainbow Sandstone

Rainbow Sandstone is multi color stone, the name of very popular sandstone that is used in interior and exterior décor purposes in India. Sandstone has gained a superior preference as décor stone lately. Rainbow as the name itself suggests is multicolored sandstone that is enchanting, both to the eye and mind. The beautiful shades of Indian rainbow sandstone herald a very prosperous and auspicious environment around you. If you want to state your aesthetic preference and love for creativity in not so many words then the sandstone Rainbow is certainly the right option.

Lalitpur Grey Sandstone

Lalitpur Grey Sandstone is immensely popular for its vibrant grey color shades, durability and impact resistance features. These sandstone gangsaw slabs and tiles are well-known for their excellent polish and perfect finish. Owing to these features, these sandstone slabs are widely used in wall claddings, floors and in table tops. The wide variety of finishes in which our lalitpur grey sandstone gangsaw slabs are available are polished, honed, sawn, sand blasted, bush hammered and flamed.

Jodhpur Brown Sandstone

Jodhpur Brown Sandstone are pretty to look and so are opted by the people. It has brown appearance and coffee color so the wall color or flooring should be done with matching so that they highlight these slabs and make the house look beautiful. The colors matching these slabs can be red, black or any other color which is specifically liked by the customer. If the customer is unable to make any choice it is better to consult an designer so that they don’t end up messing up things. It is available in tiles and slab form, cut in any shape or size. This sandstone slab adds desirable look and durable finish to the construction industry.

Dholpur Beige Sandstone

Dholpur Beige Sandstone natural tiles and slabs can be used for various purposes like in bathrooms, countertops, vanity tops, staircases, roofing etc. Dholpur Beige is the most beautiful and irresistibly elegant variety of sandstone. Natural rough blocks quarried extensively in the northern part of India, the stone has now gained an international value. It has a compelling export quality. The stone is the right choice to enhance the beauty of your interior and exterior décor. These days when décor as such has reached an all time high, the attention of elegant people has shifted to the stones eventually.

Bansi Pink Sandstone

Bansi Pink Sandstone is most widely used as a naturally occurring constructing material for the places which you want to make lovely and lavish, especially to attract people. It is designed in a way that they enhance the look of the house. Bansi pink natural sandstone are available in many designs and patterns. The popular slab nowadays is the sandstone slabs which are used for their looks and designs. The name of this sandstone coming in a subtle shade of pink in itself triggers a kind of nostalgia.

Teakwood Sandstone

Teakwood Sandstone is light brown colored sandstone which is extremely soothing and has uniform textures. These tiles are known for their beautiful looks and it enhances the decorum of floors and table tops. We royalindiansandstone.com are known as the prime manufacturer and exporter of the premium teakwood sandstone tiles in India. The edges should possess a smooth finishing. The teakwood sandstone gang saw slabs have an amazing and unique color, texture and pattern that make it a fantastic choice for home designers. Teakwood sandstones are preferred for interior / exterior décor.


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