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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

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Amruta Pharma is one of the biggest ayurvedic product manufacturers in India. We are also one of the India’s leading brands for various herbal products. Amruta Pharma is an online store with collections of many healthcare natural products. It started with the aim and vision to fulfill the need of human body want for sustaining life with Organic Medicines.

Mastani Face Cream For Oily Skin

This is where Mastani Oily Skin Cream is been introduced for those who suffer from oily skin. Mastani Oily Skin Cream with XYZ extracts prevents the skin to stop producing oil unnecessarily and also gives the required treatment to the skin when applied. As the oil is being produced because skins needs it. So same is done by Mastani Oily Skin Cream.

Ashwamegh Sex Power Capsules

‘Ashwamegh- 18 Again’ is a New Sex Power Capsule. Herbal Sex medicine specially for men & women by made in India. Approved with FDA declaration, it is world’s most safest and ensured pills for sexual energy. Some males face sexual discomfort due to low diet food or have less strength which does not fulfill the sexual satisfaction, these pills helps you to overcome such sexual disorder & Last longer in bed and extend your sex time naturally without any side effect. Best Sex Capsules for men power are effective because of the ingredients used is purely organic and does not give any side effects. Though the medical provides variety of range chemical formulated medicines and pills but leaves side effects and future risk, you will only find ‘Ashwamegh- 18 Again’ natural and thrice efficient for male enhancement. You can take this sex power capsule for men online from Amruta Pharma.

Amrut Jeevan - Chyawanprash

“Amruta Special Chyawanprash” is a formulated with 30 vital ingredients. “Amruta Special Chyawanprash” has rejuvenation effects and potent antioxidant characteristics, which delay aging, improves immunity, and resists recurrent diseases such as upper respiratory infections, common cold, various types of infections, mental stress and prevents most other diseases.

Linto Plus Weight Loss Capsules

Linto Plus Weight Loss Capsules’ is an ayurvedic weight loss capsules produced with certain effective ingredients such as Medohar Vadangdi Loha, Punarnava, Trifala, Vadang, Methi and many more. Each herb has powerful qualities that strengthen each unit of the bodies. Specifically for obesity problem which lowers immune system, causes accumulation of fat and toxins and other wasted fluids in the body, all these contain keep increasing in the body and causes longtime constipation problems, depression, anemia and loss of physical activity. Ayurvedic weight loss herbs contains work in holistic approach which helps to increase immunity of the person, removes toxins and other waste form the body, reduces weight easily and effectively. It also prevents from future risk of having other disorders in any other part of the body.

Mastani Face Cream For General Skin

Mastani Normal Skin Cream is made with 13 herbs that are pure and naturally manufactured by Amruta Pharma. It improves the skin tone and texture by removing dead cells which helps in reducing of pimples, dark spots and blemishes, oils and etc. It beautifully helps in skin lightening and acts as a moisturizer for the nourishment of the skin. You gain a flawless and mark free skin. Mastani Normal Skin Cream also prevents premature skin. Also it avoids the possibilities of black heads, white heads, and rashes. Also in other and it depends upon the person’s skin and eating and sleeping differences. Now you don’t need to worry about any of the skin problems. You are getting the best ayurvedic pack with important herbal formula.

Mastani Blood Purifier Syrup

Mastani Syrup is ayurvedic blood purifier syrup which is very useful in cleansing the body system for giving clear skin with a natural glow. The formulation is used with 10 different herbs which specifically heals, rejuvenates and revives your internal system. It purifies blood and destroys the bacterial spread over the skin by improving the quality of the skin. The benefits include recurrence of the pimples, natural glow and excellent in giving the best texture and tone to the skin. The effectiveness is very intense which results in giving healthy life without any side effects. The special formula is given under the guidance of Dr V.V Tayade. (Ayurvedic Expert & Chief Advisor).

Mastani Hair Oil

Mastani Hair oil is unique Indian ayurvedic hair oil which prevents hair loss, hair disorders and other hair growth problems. The product is very useful for all types of hair as the roots lies deep in ayurveda and is very effective for the scalp. This product is designed to fulfill the cost for lost hair for which you would have done the expensive treatments like laser therapy or other. You can 100% rely on our ayurvedic hair oil, as the medicines is formulated for the best result. Dr. V.V Tayade ensures by using this oil continues, it will nourish the roots of the hair. This Mastani hair oil gives special organic supplements vitamins and calcium to your scalp which penetrates inside the hair roots and tissues and allows the hair grow strong.

Face Pack

Mastani Face Pack is a natural face pack for fairness. Relatively it gathers the beautiful healing choice from ancient ayurvedic formula. This Face Pack is made from 19 herbs altogether which has the most credentials in the market. The formula is effective in clearing skin and making it soft. It removes the problems of pimples and other skin related problems. Herbs like Pudina, Chandan, Multani Mitti, Kappor are the best agents for fighting bacteria, smoothening skin and for giving extra- ordinary skin. Amruta Pharma has expensively manufactured this Mastani Face Pack under the guidance of Dr. V.V Tayade, an Ayurvedic expert. If you have any problems of skin whitening, acne problems or other contact us online. Get rid of unworthy skin issues!


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