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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

welcome to Vaardhman international


Contact Person: Mohitpatni patni

Address: 08,Khariwal street

Jaora , Madhya Pradesh , India - 457226



Email: vardhmanagriexim@gmail.com



Fresh onions,fresh garlic,fenugreek seeds,coriander seeds,wheat,hard wheat,hard wheat semolina,psylliun husk and many vegitable and spices.

Fresh onions

We are one of the major suppliers oh fresh onions in India. Indian onion is exported all over the world due to its quality and its sweetness it is used in making all kind of food preprations and also it is very good for health.

fenugreek seeds

We offer all indian spices includinf fenugreek seeds and its extracts it is very useful in medicinal uses.

Fresh indian garlic

We offer very good quality indian garlic which is very good in curing heart diseases it contains pungent flavour and can be used both as a medicene and as a flavouring agent in many type of dishes.

coriander seeds. coriander powder

Coriander seeds and powder are main ingridient in all kind of food preprations. It is very good for health.we are exporter,supplier and manufacturer of coriander seeds and coriander powder in India.

Red chilly powder

We offer red chilly powder with best quality it can be use in all kind of food preprations.


We offer various varieties of wheat from central India specially hard wheat and also hard wheat semolina which is very good for making pasta and many bakery items.


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