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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

welcome to Probioway Co., Ltd


Contact Person: Tony Tan

Address: No 538 Hutaizhi Road Jingan District

Shanghai , China , China -



Email: info@probioway.com



PROBIOWAY is the professional probiotic manufacturer with 20 years experience in animal nutrition and biological agriculture, product line consists of probiotics bulk powder and formulations with trial data.We supply probiotics for animals health, including poultry probiotics, swine probiotics, aquaculture probiotics, etc. We also provide bio fertilizer and ferment agent.


The main ingredients of POULTRY PROBIO PBW-PA include bacillus and coccus. Total live probiotic bacteria is more than 20 Billion CFU/g. Material ratio is rationally and scientifically arranged in accordance with growth characteristics and intestinal micro ecology features of poultry. The strains utilized are high temperature & voltage resistant and acid & alkali resistance, which could be preserved well for a long time. Bacillus could quickly consume intestinal oxygen, propelling the growth of beneficial microbes like lactobacillus. Barteriocin like lactic acid, acetic acid and bacitracin could restrain the growth of harmful bacteria like Escherichia coli, Salmonella, etc. Amylase and protease produced by Metabolism could simulate feed digestion. Health Benefits and effectiveness 1) Improve intestinal health of poultry, reduce diarrhea rate; 2) Improve immunization and reduce mortality; 3) Increase feed intake, daily gain and reduce feed conversion rate; 4) Improve laying rate and prolong laying period of breeding poultry

Aquaculture probiotics

We offer aquaculture probiotics for shrimps, fry. Also, we provide water cleaner.


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