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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

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Fiber Patch Panel Fiber Termination Box Fiber Optic Termination Box

optical switch D2X2B / fiber optical switch D2X2B Low Insertion Loss

Features Low Insertion Loss Wide Wavelength Range Low Crosstalk High Stability, High Reliability Epoxy-free on Optical Path Latching and Non-latching Application - Optical Signal Switching and Routing - Optical Network Protection and Restoration - Optical Network Monitoring - Video Distribution - Instrumentation Resource Sharing - Military Communications Parameters OSW-D2x2B Wavelength Range nm 650~1310 1260~1670 Testing Wavelength nm 650/780/850/980/1064/1310 1310/1490/1550/1625/1650 Insertion Loss dB Typ:0.6,Max:1.0 Typ:0.5 ,Max:0.8 Return Loss dB ≥30 ≥50 Crosstalk dB ≥35 ≥50 PDL dB ≤0.05 WDL dB ≤0.25 TDL dB ≤0.25 Repeatability dB ≤±0.02 Power supply v 3.0 or 5.0 Lifetime Cycle ≥107 Switch Time ms ≤8 Transmission Power mW ≤500 Operation Temperature ℃ -40~+85 Storage Temperature ℃ -40~+85 Weight g 16 Dimension mm (L)27×(W)12.5×(H)8.2(±0.2) Route states Pins Optical Path Electric Drive Sensor Status D2X2B 1 5 6 10 3-4,7-8 2-3,8-9 Latching P1-P3 P1-P3 N/A N/A GND +5V OPEN CLOSE P1-P4 P1-P4 P2-P3 P2-P3 +5V GND N/A N/A CLOSE OPEN Non-Latching P1-P3 P1-P3 N/A N/A N/A N/A OPEN CLOSE P1-P4 P1-P4 P2-P3 P2-P3 +5V N/A N/A GND CLOSE OPEN Electrical parameters Voltage Current Resistor 5V Latching 4.55.5 3644mA 125Ω 5V Non-Latching 4.55.5 2632mA 175Ω 3V Latching 2.73.3 5466mA 50Ω 3V Non-Latching 2.73.3 3947mA 70Ω Dimensions Ordering Information:OSW-D2x2B-A-B-C-D-E-F-G A B C D E F G Mode Wavelength Voltage Control Model Fiber Diameter Fiber Length Connector SM:9/125um M5:50/125um M6:62.5/125um 85:850nm 13:1310nm 14:1490nm 15:1550nm 162:1625nm 165:1650nm 13/15:1310/1550nm 3:3v 5:5v L:Latching N:Non-Latching 25:250um 90:900um 20:2.0mm 30:3.0mm 05: 0.5m 10: 1.0m 15: 1.5m OO:None FP: FC/PC FA: FC/APC SP: SC/PC SA: SC/APC LP: LC/PC LA: LC/APC

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Small Excavator

Advanced Dynamic Control The Dynamic Optimization Matching Control System (DOMCS) intelligently matches the engine system and hydraulic drive system, improving working efficiency by 6% and reducing fuel consumption by 10%. The self-developed load sensing system achieves a constant overall power by varying the force of each pump, ensuring micromanagement and operating accuracy. The variable operating modes include heavy-duty mode, standard mode, light-duty mode and break mode, allowing the machine to be ready for versatile operations in any environment. The advanced GPRS can monitor the accurate location of the machine and the machines dynamic in real time. The remote error diagnosis gives the feedback in real-time, helping solve problems without delay. The smart machine alerts provide danger warning, ensuring the safety of the operator and the machine. High Stability and Reliability Robot-welding Process Robot-welding process ensures a strong and durable structure. Reinforced Boom The ear plates have been redesigned to reduce stress at the joint. The boom passes certified tests including working for long hours and digging in harsh environment. Reinforced Bucket The bucket has been redesigned to make it suitable for multiple working conditions. Durability is enhanced with the anti-wear and thickened plates on the bucket bottom, so that no damage is caused to the bucket during field digging (soil and rock mixture). Swing Platform Reinforced plates that are welded on the two main beams of the swing platform considerably increase resistance to bending. Made of top-grade steel and formed through punching, the beams are designed with a D-shaped structure and greatly strengthen the platform. User Friendly Design Innovative and Large Cab Large windows on three sides provide a wide view. The ergonomically designed joysticks and chair provide a comfort experience for the operator. High-quality Air-conditioner The air conditioner with multiple air outlets at different levels and locations provides better cooling effect. And the air outlets can be adjusted as desired. Silicone Rubber Shock Absorber The operator station is equipped with an innovative silicone rubber shock absorber. This shock absorber is fixed to the swing platform in four points that minimizes the shock, considerably increasing cab stability and improving operator comfort.

Drop Cable Splice Box

DSB series drop cable splice box is able to hold up to 1-2 subscribers drop cable. It is used as a termination point for the drop cable to connect with pigtail cable access to ONT in FTTH indoor application. It integrates fiber splice connection in one solid protection box. View more at www.greentelftth.com Features ● Dust-proof design with IP-45 Protection level. ● Industrial ABS PBT-V0 flame resistance material. ● Protect the fiber splice sleeve (45-60mm) from damage. ● Easy to maintain and extend the capacity. ● Suitable for the wall mounted installation. ● Embedded type surface, easy for installation and removal. ● 1-2 ports cable entrance choices for drop cable or pigtail.

fiber optic steel tube plc splitter

Ggreentelftth Green Telecom provides optical distribution point a high precise steel tube type PLC splitter for the construction of optical network .Low requirements of placing position and environment, compact micro type design. It is especially suitable for tiny room installation and can be easily placed into different types of terminal boxes and distribution boxes, in favor of splicing and stay in tray without additional space reservation. It can be easily applied in FTTx construction, optical network construction,CATV networks and etc. Customization Event ‡@Channel count ‡AFiber core type ‡BInput fiber length ‡CInput connector type ‡DOutput fiber length ‡EOutput connector type Hot Tags: steel tube PLC splitter, micro type PLC splitter, mini type PLC splitter, steel box PLC splitter, mini tube PLC splitter factory, customized, manufacturers China, suppliers China, made in China, China made

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