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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

welcome to Sri Sai Baba Enterprise


Contact Person: Saii Baba

Address: Trinagar

Delhi , Delhi , India -



Email: sriisaibabenterprise@gmail.com


Auto Led Bulb

We are a manufacturer of cfl bulb and led bulb with great quality and affordable price.

Automotive Led Bulbs

We are a manufacturer of cfl bulb and led bulb with great quality and affordable price.


Electronic Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Racket, Bug Zapper & Fly Swatter. The Products is best described by its fine design & boasts a high capacity rechargeable battery, fast charging speed, long usage lifespan & wider Mosquito-Killing Range. Its can rapidly kill Mosquito, Flies & insect with a voltage Currents as high as 3600V, but at tha same time it is also sufficiently safe ever if users touch its electric net carelessly. This Products is a new type electrical Mosquito Racket Killer Bat. It is produced from new raw material along with the newest & latest technology.

Lowest domestic airfare

Alpfly's provision is to provide the best travel services in the travel domain. We are an independent travel company and provides unique travel solutions to our customers, with an extraordinary job solving problem. We exist to encourage more people to travel and get the best experience of life at its core. alpfly.com allows people to compare prices on every online travel site with our offers. We are based in Gurgaon, India. alpfly.com is a one-stop- destination for all domestic travel-related services and a leading consolidator of all travel products. We are solely dedicated to our services and take full guarantee of our commitment. Also, we are committed to the goal of making business travel more efficient, comfortable and cost effective. We have made it our mission to specialize in corporate travel management and to share the benefits with our clients. While customer satisfaction guides our policy, service orientation and standard are our goals, we never compromise in services . Our aim is to provide courteous service to our passengers. Our respected customers can access alpfly.com through two ways: through our user-friendly website and our call centre..

LED PANEL 6W,12W,18W & 40W

LED Panel Lights are not only illuminate better but are also economical. It saves both hard earned money and power that is very scarce in our country. Our company is offering highly approved range of LED Panel Lights to the end users.


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