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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

welcome to Guangzhou Yuhang Trading Co.,ltd


Contact Person: Ms. Bonnie Chen

Address: No.1 Nanhuaxi Road, Haizhu District

Guangzhou , Guangdong , China -



Email: sales03@againsky.com


Led Lights

We are leading supplier of LED Indoor Lighting, LED Shower Head, LED Stage Light, Bedside Lamps, Ceiling Lights, Bulb Lamp, Candle Lights, Panel Lights, RGB Crystal Light, Lamp Cup, Track Lighting, LED Strips, LED Fluorescent Tube, LED Outdoor and Pet Lamp etc.

Dual row smt type pin header connector

Electric connector:board to board connector,wire to board connector,pin header,female header,box header,ejector header,fpc connector,idc connector

Silver Tortoise Heated Lamp 25W/50W/75W for Pet Health

This type of Pet heat lamps can provide pet daily intake of the long wave of UVA, increase appetite, and promote digestion. Moreover, Full spectrum sun lamp from AgainSky (www.againsky.com) builds natural lighting effect, promoting the formation of Vitamin D3 and the absorption of calcium. With low intensity light, UVB 3.0 turtle lamp can promote the healthy growth of bone. Specifications: 1. Type: Pet heating lamp 2. Diameter: 5 cm 3. Color: Silver 4. Length: 5 cm 5. Height: 5 cm 6. Usage: Pet Health supplies 7. Width: 5 cm 8. Weight: 40g 9. Power: 25W/50W/75W 10. UVA and UVB 3.0 sun lamp Remark: This pet heating light does not contain the lamp holder.


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