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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

welcome to Power Weld Systems


Contact Person: Mr. Manish Wadhwa

Address: 13, DSIDC Industrial Complex, Wazirpur

Delhi , Delhi , India - 110 052



Email: powermech@vsnl.com,m.wadhwa@power-mech.com


Control Arm Bushing

Manufacturer of world-class controls and equipment.

High frequency induction heater

Feature of induction heating machine: 1. Clean and safe heating. 2. Fast heating speed, heat generate directly from heating object itself. 3. Heating temperature ranging from 100-1400 Celsius(depends on the power of the machine) 4. Targeted heating area. 5. Widely used in steel heating, annealing, hardening, Heating metal raw materials for forging, heating building site use rebar, fast water boiling, heating band saw, 6. Melting: with a higher power, it can be used to melt less than 50KG gold, silver, aluminum. 7. Welding: soldering, cooper soldering, fast speed cutting tools soldering, hard alloy soldering/welding, copper tube soldering. 8. Heat treatment: Annealing, after welding heat treatment, metal parts internal stress relive, shaft, and gear surface hardening/quenching.


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