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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

welcome to Bazhou Bangjie Power Tools Factory


Contact Person: Mr Lei Zhang

Address: Houying Village, Kangxianzhuang, Bazho, Langfang, Hebei, China

Langfang , Hebei , China - 12345



Email: bangjie9000@126.com


Wire Crimping Tools

We are leading manufacturer importer & exporter of duct rodder, cable stripper, manual puncher, screw destroyer, wire grip, tripod erecting pole machine, ratchet puller, cable winch, cable roller, cable socks, cable trailer, crimping tool, tracing duct rodder, cable drum jacks, cable cutter components etc.

Machine Tools & Machine Tool Accessories

ASTM A888 no hub cast iron pipe

Miscellaneous Plants & Machinery

Trader and manufacturer of gas-liquid mixing pump, daf pump,ozone pump, micro bubles, vortex pump, ozone mixing pumps, electric diaphragm pump, diaphragm pump, gate forged steel gate, forging steel valves, butterfly check valve, american standard globe valves.

Electric Power Tools

Please remember: TOPPOWER is a leading manufacturer of power converters : 0.1W-40W DCDC converter & 3W-30W ACDC converters. We could replace: MurataPS, Recom, TRACO,Aimtec CUI, Peak power ,Minmax,Meanwell,XP power,etc,.

Low Voltage/Medium high Voltage Armoured Copper Electric Power Cable, XLPE Wire, PVC Cable, Armored

Model NO:Armoured Power Cable Voltage:Low and Medium Voltage Cable Insulation Material:XLPE Material Shape:Round Wire Certification:ISO CCC CE VDE SABS Brand:Lonheo Numbers of Cores: 1-5 Class of Conductor:Stranded or Solid Sheath:PVC,PE,LSZH Trademark: lonheo Specification: IEC HS Code: 8544492100 Application: Construction, Underground, Industrial, Power Station Current: AC Cable Sheath Material: PVC Wire Core Material: Copper or Aluminium Model: Armoured Power Cable Rated Voltage: Lower and Medium Size: 1.5-1000mm2 Insulation: PVC,XLPE Armoured Layer: Steel Wire,Steel Tape Package: Steel Drum, Wooden Drum, Steel Wooden Drum Origin: China Product Description General Introduction Of PVC OR XLPE Insulation Armoured Power Cable  Specification 1. Our cables with XLPE or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) sheathing are manufactured in accordance with a wide range of IEC International Standards. 2. We supply a range of Qualified and hard-wearing Low to Medium Voltage armoured cables power cables for the supply of mains electricity. 3. These are available with Steel Wire Armour (SWA) Steel Tape Armour (STA) and Aluminium Wire Armour (AWA). 4. The armour provides additional protection, allowing it to be used directly in higher climatic and mechanical stress environments such as direct burial, outdoors, or underground. The armour also enables the cable to withstand higher pulling loads. Characteristic 1. Rated Voltage: 0.6/1KV,3.6/6KV26/35KV 2. Numbers Of Cores: 1,2,,3,4,5,3+1,4+1,3+2 3. Nominal Cross-sectional Area: 1.5-1000, (As your requirement) 4. Conductor Material: 6mm2, Plain or Annealed Stranded Copper(CU) or Plain Aluminium(AL) 6mm2, Plain or Annealed Stranded Copper(CU) or Aluminium(AL)  5. Conductor Classification: The conductor have been divided into 2 classes. Class 1:Solid Conductor Class 2:Stranded Conductor 6. Insulation Material:XLPE or PVC XLPE: a crossed-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation provides thermal stability, good water resistant qualities and excellent electrical properties. PVC: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is employed in order to create a protective barrier between the inner and outer layers of the cable. 7. Armoured: a steel or aluminium armour (SWA / AWA) provides mechanical protection to allow the cable to withstand the mechanical stresses to which it is exposed. Steel Armoured: Steel Wire Armoured-SWA, Steel Tape Armoured-STA Alumnium Armoured: AWA 8. Sheath Material(if have):PVC or PE or Polyolefin PVC: the constituent parts of the cable are held together in a black PVC sheath offering a further level of protection. Black sheaths can be carbon loaded for UV stability. Type & Structure:   1. Copper Core-CU 1.CU Core /PVC Insulation/SWA/PVC Sheath 2. CU Core /PVC Insulation/STA/PVC Sheath  3. CU Core /PVC Insulation/AWA/PVC Sheath  4.CU Core /XLPE Insulation/SWA/PVC Sheath or Polyolefin Sheath or LSZH Sheath 5. CU Core /XLPE Insulation/STA/PVC Sheath or Polyolefin Sheath or LSZH Sheath 6. CU Core /XLPE Insulation/AWA/PVC Sheath or Polyolefin Sheath or LSZH Sheath   2. Aluminium Core-AL  1.AL Core /PVC Insulation/SWA/PVC Sheath  2. AL Core /PVC Insulation/STA/PVC Sheath  3. AL Core /PVC Insulation/AWA/PVC Sheath  4.AL Core /XLPE Insulation/SWA/PVC Sheath or Polyolefin Sheath or LSZH Sheath 5. AL Core /XLPE Insulation/STA/PVC Sheath or Polyolefin Sheath or LSZH Sheath 6. AL Core /XLPE Insulation/AWA/PVC Sheath or Polyolefin Sheath or LSZH Sheath

NMB 615RL-05W-B70-E00 24VDC 92X38.4MM 7200RPM cooling fan

NMB 615RL-05W-B70-E00 24VDC 92X38.4MM 7200RPM cooling fan Product code: #615RL-05W-B70-E00 Condition: New 1000 Items Brand: NMB-MAT Model Number: 615RL-05W-B70-E00 Voltage: 24VDC size : 92X38.4MM Speed: 7200RPM

cable guide

We are manufacturer importer & exporter of cable guides products etc.


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