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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

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Contact Person: Mr.Prakash

Address: Malak Pur

Delhi , Delhi , India - 201230



Email: anand_cipetian49@rediffmail.com


Metalized sapphire window

Metalized sapphire windows are created by applying thin layers of chrome, nickel and gold around the edge of a sapphire window. This metalized edge creates a surface that can be soldered or bonded directly into your opto-mechanical assembly allowing you to create a hermetic seal. Hermetically sealed optics is used in a variety of applications ranging from infrared imaging systems to medical devices. Technical capability Material: optical sapphire (Al2O3) Diameter tolerance: +0, -0.1mm Thickness tolerance: +/-0.05mm Clear aperture: 90% Surface quality: 80-50 scratches and digs Surface accuracy: 2 lambdas per 25.4mm @ 632.8nm Parallelism: < 3 minutes Coating: AR coating, T > 98% @ 1260-1600nm Metalizing: Chrome, Nickel, and Gold; sputtering method or screen printing method

Miscellaneous Plants & Machinery

Trader and manufacturer of gas-liquid mixing pump, daf pump,ozone pump, micro bubles, vortex pump, ozone mixing pumps, electric diaphragm pump, diaphragm pump, gate forged steel gate, forging steel valves, butterfly check valve, american standard globe valves.

Shutter Sensor

Shutter Sensor

Thermocouple Wires

Thermocouple Wires

L.T. Panel

L.T. Panels

6pin AV socket

1. electric characteristics: -contact current rating: 0.5A -contact voltage rating: 50V DC -contact resistance: 30m Ohm MAX. -dielectric withstanding voltage: 500V AC -insulation resistance: 100m Ohm MIN. at DC 500V 2. mechanical characteristics: -durability: 500 cycles -insertion and extraction force --insertion force: 30N MAX. --extraction force: 3N MIN. 3. envirenment characteristics: -operating temperature: -4085Celsius -humidity: 45%85% RH.

UPS Systems

UPS Systems

Security Equipment Solutions

Security Equipment & Solutions

Thermocouple Cables

Thremocouple Cables

SMPS Power Suply

SMPS Power Supplies


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