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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

welcome to Godfrey Phillips India Limited


Contact Person: Anshul Batra

Address: 14, Omaxe Square, Jasola District Centre

New Delhi , Delhi , India - 110025

Phone:91-11-61119696, 268 40775


Email: info@godfreyphillipsinternational.com


Other Miscellaneous Agro Products

Supplier and exporters cigarettes, tobacco, cut rag, composite leaf blend, tea, candies.

Tea & Coffee

Supplier and exporters cigarettes, tobacco, cut rag, composite leaf blend, tea, candies.

Tobacco & Tobacco Products

Supplier and exporters cigarettes, tobacco, cut rag, composite leaf blend, tea, candies.

RYO Rolling Paper

Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. provides natural smoking paper that brings the natural flavor to you. It is manufactured in chlorine free and in an organic process that makes it environmental sustainable. GPI rolling paper is unadultered and unbleached. PULL, Fill, ROLL & LICK and get a smooth new urge that is uncontrollable. Get natural brownies, natural whities & natural hempies. Enjoy them all.

Leaf & Cut Rag

Godfrey Phillips India Ltd offers customers a wide range of leaf & cut rag. Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. has established itself as one of the preferred manufacturers and suppliers of leaf & cut rag to leading tobacco manufacturers all over the world. Our customer list that comprises some of the biggest manufacturers in the industry today - Philip Morris, ITG, JTI, Eastern Company, European Tobacco, Libyan Tobacco Company and RNTA besides other small players. We have the largest facilities for leaf & cut rag operations along with our own research & development as well as state-of-the-art QA facility to support our massive manufacturing hubs. With a vast worldwide inventory of tobaccos and flavors, we export FCV and Non FCV tobacco to both quality and price conscious customers across the world. We export the best quality tobaccos like KLS (Karnataka Light Soils), NLS (Northern Light Soils) & Traditional (comprising of Southern Black Soils (SBS) & Southern Light Soils (SLS).

RYO Tobacco

Godfrey Phillips India Ltd provides purity of taste which is preserved by specialized zip lock pouch packing and have the perfect product for the connoisseurs of smoking who prefer to make their cigarettes a premium roll your own tobacco. Rolling your own by hand requires only cigarette papers, tobacco and a little skill. Most cigarette papers are made with folds, providing somewhere to place the tobacco, while the amount used is up to the individual. Once the tobacco is evenly-distributed along the length of the paper, the cigarette is ready to be carefully rolled and sealed. Every pack of RYO is masterfully blended by master tobacconists who ensure precision in blend and quality. You can choose from our very popular international brand ‘Originals International’ and we can manufacture RYO for you – either from our existing bouquet of flavors or a combination customized specially for you as per the geographies or smoking preferences.


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