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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

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Contact Person: Mr. Kamil

Address: Trinity, 5th Floor, 226/1 A.j.c. Bose Road

Kolkata , , India - 700020



Email: export@jaypee.in



Manufacturer and supplier of sealing machines, form filling and sealing machines, mechanical form fill and seal machines, food filling and sealing machines that are used in masala, coffee, tea, glucose, pharmaceuticals, tooth powder, flours etc.

Miscellaneous Plants & Machinery

We are leading supplier of Multi-use Woodworking Machine, Band saw, Table Saw, Sliding Table Saw, Panel Saw, Drill Press, Dust Collector, Sharpener Machine, Edge Banding Machine, Multi-boring Machine etc.

A1 Foil Folding, Corrugation & Cutting Machine

Jaymac Bar Shearing Machine, Bar Cutting Machine is robustly built to with stand the stress while shearing of rebar and various forms steel bars. Durable fast and easy to use, this machine, gives a one-shot cutting operation with perfect cutting accuracy thus minimising the use of labour and long drawn cutting process for single cuts. This workhorse knows no stop as it can be effectively put to use for a constant round-the-clock production. Benefits & Features • Oil bathed gear box reduces wear & tear of gear & pinion increases life of machine and avoids routine maintenance and break-down time • Safety plate for operator protection while shearing. • Jig locator to hold bar rigidly while shearing. • Heat Treated main body, additional stiffeners for bearing addition al stress has been provided in key areas. • Special tool steel cutting blades are carefully heat treated for a longer cutting life. Optional Features • Foot Pedal Control Switch for one man operation • Measurement line for effectively measuring the length of the bars before the cutting operation increases you production capacity.

Concrete Mixer Machine

Jaypee Mobile Batch Mix Plants are renowned for their quality output and maintenance free operation these plants come built with load cell based weigh batching system, water dispenser and hydraulic skip. The structure is built robustly to give a sturdy optimum output withstanding any site condition. Rationally planned the design requires minimum maintenance and set on a chassis of four wheels gives the mixer easy maneuverability. The ascent and descent of skip is controlled by the oleo dynamic cylinder complete with stop valve to avoid any mishaps. The mechanical components are cushioned, the ‘V’ Belt/Gear Box transmission allows a very smooth reversal of drum rotation, conforming to IS specifications. Benefits and features • Uniform mixing achieved with accurate setting of mixing blades and drum rotation adhering to IS Specifications. • Shutter vibrator on the discharge shoot avoids clogging of materials during discharge from the hopper. • Four wheel set chassis for sturdy maneuverability • Imported Hydraulics for continuous performance.

Concrete Mixers

Jaypee 10/7 Capacity Concrete Mixer is renowned for its robust build, rigidity and long life. Adhering to IS 1791 : 1968 the mixer provides an uniform mix for a reliable operation. Power operated loading hopper Mechanical clutch and tracks, transmission by steel Roller chain through suitable sprockets and pinions, mounted on a strong steel fabricated chassis.

Construction Machinery

Jaypee India Limited is a manufacturer and exporter of bar bending machine, bar cutting machine, batch mix plant. Specializes in production of rebar processing equipment, concrete processing equipment, compaction equipment, material handling equipment.

Drum Rolling Machine

The New Generation Jaymac Tandem Type Vibratory Road Roller Has Driving And Steering Rolls Having A Rolling Width Of One Meter. Because Of Split-Drum Facility It Has The Ability To Turn On A Short Radius Enabling It To Work In Restricted Areas. Two Forward And Reverse Gears Ensure The Correct Speed For Any Job. The Optimally Matched Center Of Gravity Gives This Roller An Extremely Good Stability Without The Risk Of Overturning. Pressurised Water System For Effective Watering On Gradients With Large Capacity, Corrosion Inhibited, Water Tank. It Has Been Designed To Give Obstruction Free Vision To The Operator And Even During The Night It Can Be Operated Areas Of Application Suitable For Road Repair And Maintenance Footpaths, Car Parks, Road Construction And Surfacing. Compaction Of Road Base And Wearing Course Materials. These Include Cohesive, Well Graded Granular, Dry Cohesive And Uniformly Graded Soil In Earthworks. Benefits And Features • Infinitely Variable Speed Control. € Mechanical Vibration Drive • Water Sprinkler • Scrappers Fitted On Both The Drums • Mechanical Vibration Control • Overhead Canopy.

Earth Moving & Heavy Earth Moving Machinery & Equipment

Jaypee walk behind Double Vibrator Roller is modern Compact designed for use in a wide range of compaction application. Mechanical drive with integrated travel control eases the operating effort required for movement. The famous Jaypee walk-behind has the vibratory source located in the drum which provides maximum compaction and traction performance. The VRD- 800 is suitable for operation on various types of soils in tropical conditions. Benefits and features • Infinitely variable Speed Control • Mechanical Vibration Drive • Water Sprinkler System Drum Scrappers • Mechanical Vibration control • High Gradient Capacity • Electrically operated • Self Starting arrangements.

Elevator Machines

Jaypee brings to your1 interest a wide range of Passenger and Materials Hoist. Bought to your service is a range which can lift up to 8000kg, with a lifting speed that can reach up to 96m/min and an attainable max. erecting height of 450m.: These Productss can be used in various construction sites, power projects, metallurgical, mining, oil and chemical industries. Our Passenger Hoists feature high quality materials and Productss and components from world renowned manufacturers. The Rack and Pinion adopts a specially processed material and heat treatment technique, prolonging the life of these parts. The mast section surface can be finished with paint spray, Parkerizing baking finish or hot galvanizing processing as per user requirements. Frequency Conversion Hoist To serve the increasing demand for high-rise construction we offer the high speed VF hoist, with a max. lifting speed of 96m/min. A few salient features of these hoists are Adopts the most advanced VF speed control device and microcomputer programmable logic controller. Step-less speed control helps eliminate the concussion during start-up and braking, steadies the operation and ensures automated levelling. Adopts open loop VF control; the speed preci sion can reach +_ 23%. Realising the accu rate low speed positioning of the hoist, thus avoiding slipping during downward stopping of the hoist. The VF system has current restriction function, suring lower current in motor start-up and reduces the concussion to power supply. This reduces the energy consumption are site. The steadiness during operation, mitigates concussion to mechanical parts, reduces wears of rack, pinion and the brake, prolonging the life of these parts. The VF system also has the over voltage protection, low-voltage protection, over-current, overload and anti-stalling protection functions.

Escalators, Elevators, Ropeways and Lifting Equipment

Jaypee Builder hoist is specially designed to lift material to various heights in Construction Sites. With the use of high quality fabrication and anti twisting straightened steel, the mast sections are built for a longer life span Most of the structure is fabricated in 3m length for easy transportation and assembling at site. Features: Diesel Engine or Electric Motor Drive capacity winch for greater safety aspects Drive through Fraction rollers Safety braking device.


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