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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

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Contact Person: Mr. Manoj Goswami

Address: P-855, Block A, 2nd Floor, Lake Town

Kolkata , , India - 700 089



Email: manojg@cal3.vsnl.net.in


Aquaculture Products

Manufacturer & exporter of agriculture products include fresh vegetables, fresh fruits.

Fresh, Dried, Preserved & Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables

AGRARIAN CENTER, a leading Ukrainian Agricultural Company provides supplies of pe-tsai originated from Ukraine to the CIS, EU, Near and Far abroad countries. Pe-tsai is delicious, green, juicy, solid, high-quality, well-transportable over long distances, complies with the EU standards of processing. Grade: Belko. Size: 30cm or less. Packaging: plastic bag of 18 kg (moreover, each unit freshness is kept by covering with food film). On Euro pallets. Upon custom request, we also provide packing of Pe-tsai in other containers. Terms of delivery: FCA, FOB. We offer you a long-term and reliable cooperation! For further details, sending presentation and specification, please contact me via convenient option for you: Skype, call, write or visit our office -- Khreshchatyk St., 7/11, Kyiv, Ukraine! Olga Todorova Global Trade Manager Office: +380442788670 WhatsApp: +380671898070 Skype: tanya_biz E-mail: order@exportagro.com.ua Website: www.exportagro.com.ua Call us just now 24/7!

Seeds, Buds, Plantation & Related Products

Manufacturer & exporter of bio diesel include jatropha, jatropha carcus seed, jatropha carcus oil, pongamia and simarouba.

Spices & Derivatives

Manufacturer and exporter of generic Indian spices, spice powders, organic spices, blended spices, spice oil, spice paste and other Indian spices with specialty products like turmeric with high curcumin content and chilli with high pungency, less fibrous

Medicinal Herbs & Plants

Manufacturer and exporter of herbal medicinal plants like aswagandha (withania somnifera), brahmi (centella asiatica), sarpagandha (rauwolfia serpentine), amla (emblica officinalis), tulsi (ocimum sanctum), pipli.


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