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Lakshadweep meaning "thousands islands" is the big destination of tomorrow.Each island of Lakshadweep, a tiny principality in itself, has existed from time immemorial, with little influence from the outside world. The charm of Lakshadweep islands lies in their remoteness. Far off the beaten track, they attract no hordes of merry makers to its shores, or perhaps it is the beauty of the islands densely covered with coconut palms, and threaded by an unbroken line of creamy sand, each island serenely set in a sea whose waters range from palest aquamarine and turquoise to deepest sapphire and lapis lazuli. The spectacular island group is belived to have been discovered by shiowrecked sailors during the reign of Cheraman Perumal, the lagendary king of Kerala in the 4th century AD. Before moving into the hands of the British, Tippu Sultan held sway in the islands after defeating the opressive rulers of Arackal.

The Union Territory was formed in 1956 & it was named Lakshadweep in 1973. All the islands now constitute one district for Administration with four Tehsils.

These islands have a humid, warm & generally pleasant climate. The temparature is 1640 mm, Annual rainfall decreass from South to North. It is found that 80-90-days a year are rainy. Winds are light to moderate during October to March.

Apart from common froms of life, exotic, kaleidoscopic life under watre is abundent & marvellou. As a result of rich life, there always exists competition for good, shelter & mates. To cope up with this, some day dream & wake up at light allowing others to have their meal by the day. Strikingly the colourful fishes draw one's attention by their interesting behavior, peculiar forms & captivating movements. Gracefully swimming from place to place are the butterfly fishes resembling butterflies in the underwater garden.

For marriages " Opana " is a common feature, a song sung by a lead singer & followed by a group of women. Picnics are a common leisure activity in Minicoy. The widely celebrated festivals are Idulfitr, Bakrid, Milad-Ul-Nabi & Muharram.

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