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Contact Person: Ashura Damanik

Address: Jl. Bangka No. 78

Medan , Sumut , Indonesia - 20857



Email: info@d-sunjaya.com


Computer Monitor

Manufactures & Exporters of desktop PC.

Computer System Manufacturers and Assemblers

Manufactures & Exporters of desktop PC, laptops, monitors, MP3 payers, DA, printers, projectors, television.

Electronic Components & Spares

Dealer of electronic goods, electronic spare parts and audio products.


Manufactures & Exporters of laptops.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment & Supplies

Manufactures & Exporters of refrigerator.

electronic potting silicone rubber

We are a leading manufacture of silicone rubber products for over 20 years Company: ShenZhen Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd. Address:BuildingA,No.3,HonglingFirstRoad,LiulianShibi,PingdiStreet ,Longgang District,Shenzhen, Guangdong,China Contact: BelamiDeng Skype: Belami Deng E-mail:sales21@gdsilicone.com Tel: +86-755-89212386 Fax:+86-755-89948030 Mobile:18988789545 http://www.szrl.net

CCTV Camera

Manufactures & Exporters of digital cameras.

GPS Trainer

Global Positioning System technology is rapidly changing how people find their way around the earth. Whether it is for fun, saving lives, getting there faster, or whatever uses you can dream up, GPS navigation is becoming more common everyday. GPS Trainer will provide a basic understanding of the GPS Fundamentals, Satellites & Design Aspects of GPS Receiver by actually connecting to the Satellite by GPS Antenna. The Equipment is Useful for Students at B.Tech/B.S. & M.S level in engineering / technical institutes (EC & Telecom) Technical training centers in communication organizations, R&D personal and practicing engineering in research labs and industry. SPECIFICATION & FEATURES - Channel : 12 - Frequency : L1 C/A - Position Accuracy : 25 meters CEP without SA - Velocity Accuracy : 0.1 meters/second, without SA Off - Time Accuracy : Synchronized to GPS time - Update rate : 1/sec. (1 PPS) signal - Receiver Sensitivity : -175 dBW - Input Voltage : +5VDC - Current (Avg.) : 180 mA Push Button for Reset - Serial Communication : 4800 Baud (default) - Protocol Messenger : NMEA0183V2.2,SIRF binary & RTCMSC -104V 2.0 type 1,2,9 - Maximum Altitude : 18000 meters (60,000 Feet) max. - Maximum speed : 515 meters/sec. (1000 knots)max. - Acceleration : 4g. maximum - Jerk : 20 meters/sec-3 max. - Time to First Fix : 45 / 38 / 8sec Cold/Warm/Hot Start - PC Interface - RS 232 Port - Operating Temperature : -40 C to +85 C

Lowest domestic airfare

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Miscellaneous Home Appliances

Manufactures & Exporters of camcoders, cellular phones, desktop PC, digital cameras, DVD players, games, GPS, home theaters, laptops, microwave oven, monitors, MP3 payers, DA, printers, projectors, refrigerator, scanners, television.