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Contact Person: Mr. Mitesh Manek

Address: E-27, Commerce Centre, 78, Tardeo Road

Mumbai , Maharashtra , India - 400 034



Email: info@vidhifoodcolours.com


Aluminium Lakes

Vidhi dyestuffs synthetic water solubles exporters such as brilliant blue fcf, indigo carmine, allura red ac, tartrazine, sunset yellow fcf, erythrosine, chocolate brown ht, patent blue V, green s, carmoisine, amaranth, ponceau 4R, quinoline yellow, black


Manufacturer and exporterof blends product and colour sheds.

Dyes & Color Additives

We stand for an idea of being eco-fabulous and pushing forward all those connected to us towards the goal of a natural healthy colorful world. We have taken stand for ideas and products in line with Natural Dyes leading to a safer and environmentally viable option of healthy colors. We are ridiculously determined to unleash the full potential of Natural Colors so everyone can truly feel the ecstasy of eco-friendly dyes and to honor and protect our priceless environment and bodies. Our vision and mission is to create a spree of awareness and make the use of natural dyes a routine habit in each and everyones life by making it more accessible and adaptable to world.

FD And C Certified Colours

Vidhi dyestuffs are fd & c certified colours exporters such as FD and C blue no. 1, FD & C blue no. 2, FD & C red no. 40, FD & C yellow 5, FD & C yellow no. 5, FD & C red no. 3.

FD And C Certified Lakes

Vidhi dyestuffs are FD & C certified lakes exporters such as FD & C lake blue no. 2, FD & C lake blue no. 1, Fd&C lake red no. 3, Fd&C lake red no. 40, Fd&C lake yellow no. 6, Fd&C lake yellow no. 5.

Granular Colours

Vidhi dyestuffs are granular colours exporters such as brilliant blue PCF, indigo carmine, allura red AC, tartrazine, sunset yellow FCF, erythrosine, chocolate brown HT, patent blue V, green S, carmoisine, amaranth, ponceau 4R, quinoline yellow, black PN.

Synthetic Water Solubles

Manufacturer and exporter of food colours such as synthetic water solubles, aluminium lakes, dye chemicals, granular colours, fd & c certified colours, fd & c certified lakes, blends, etc.