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Variable frequency drives, Variable speed drive

voltage regulator Triol KН24+

What is a voltage regulator Triol KH24+ Triol Corporation is in rapid evolution of creating innovative products. Our experts work on design, conduct research and test equipment - starting with the creation of scientific and technical concepts to the completed product. Primarily any innovative product should be considered as the result of a creative work. Indeed, our company always encourages a creative approach to the working process. As a result, our unique technological solutions are created and implemented all over around the world. One of such scientific and technological innovation is in-house development of Triol Corporation - KН24+ Voltage Compensator. This unique development designed to improve quality and to simplify the operation at Customers industrial site. We faced the task to create the solution that improves the power quality at any manufacturing sites. It took us a serious investigation of such a problem when finally we carried out the idea that turned out into the solution. The lead experts of Triol Corporation spent much time with the Chief engineer, who every single day encountered that problem and here it is - KН24+ Voltage Compensator. It is a cost-effective alternative to UPS. The uniqueness of this design lies in the possibility of combining all the necessary functions to ensure reliable and continuous power supply: - protection against short-term drawdowns to eliminate voltage; - prolonged drawdowns up to 30% of normal supply voltage; - continuous control and comparison of input voltage; - maintaining nominal voltage at the load side for 1s or more to provide proven transfer to the backup power line. KН24+ Voltage Compensator is unique by its double energy conversion. It is equipped with a power unit based on IGBT-inverters (voltage inverters), specialized booster transformer, high-speed thyristor keys, switching devices and energy units (high-performance microprocessor VSD). Triol КH24+ protects equipment against surges and dips in voltage when stabilizers are too slow, and UPS is overpriced. If the technical process in your company is too sensitive to the quality of the power line or you want to prevent emergencies that can cause cardiac working process - KН24+ Voltage Compensator is the best solution for you!

Variable speed drive AK06

Frequency inverter pump Triol AT24 is the best solution to increase pumps productivity. This pump VFD is a great option to ensure smooth operation of the equipment, increasing its life period due to the flexibility and modernity of the technical solutions. AT24 variable speed drive pump provides an easy and functional control of the equipment. Advantages of applying variable speed drives for pumps: start, stop and control the rotation frequency of pumps motor; acceleration and braking with assigned rates; reversal; acceleration, decreasing, stop; protection of the motor against overcurrent, overload protection; motor control by external 2-wire and 3-wire sensors; saving control configuration of motor; dynamic braking of motor; control five motors at the same time («Cascade controller» macros); automatic control of technology processes by closed-loop system principle using built-in PID-controller; automatically restart asynchronous motor after supply voltage failure or after special emergencies of motor (customized emergencies); operation of asynchronous motor by custom preset diagram in automatic or manual mode.