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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

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Contact Person: Ms. Cassiel Liang

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120mm Length Lever Clip

We are leading supplier of 120mm Length Lever Clip etc.

Metalized sapphire window

Metalized sapphire windows are created by applying thin layers of chrome, nickel and gold around the edge of a sapphire window. This metalized edge creates a surface that can be soldered or bonded directly into your opto-mechanical assembly allowing you to create a hermetic seal. Hermetically sealed optics is used in a variety of applications ranging from infrared imaging systems to medical devices. Technical capability Material: optical sapphire (Al2O3) Diameter tolerance: +0, -0.1mm Thickness tolerance: +/-0.05mm Clear aperture: 90% Surface quality: 80-50 scratches and digs Surface accuracy: 2 lambdas per 25.4mm @ 632.8nm Parallelism: < 3 minutes Coating: AR coating, T > 98% @ 1260-1600nm Metalizing: Chrome, Nickel, and Gold; sputtering method or screen printing method


Manufacturer and supplier of sealing machines, form filling and sealing machines, mechanical form fill and seal machines, food filling and sealing machines that are used in masala, coffee, tea, glucose, pharmaceuticals, tooth powder, flours etc.


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