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Contact Person: Mr. Nandlal Bang

Address: 202, Shradanand Building, 272/274, Samuel Street

Mumbai , Maharashtra , India - 400 003



Email: benigopal@rediffmail.com


Tall oil fatty acid (TOFA)

Tall oil fatty acid (TOFA) is a low cost unsaturated fatty acid (oleic acid) and is a source of low boiling point fatty acids. It is an alternative to tallow fatty acid in soap applications. It is used as a dryer in varnishes and paints. It is used in paper sizes, inks, adhesives, alkyd resins, linoleum, oilcloth, cleaners, lubricants, dimer acids, surfactants, oil field chemicals, greases and ore flotation reagents.

Petrochemical & Petroleum Products

Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of industrial petrochemicals.

Rubber Process Oil

Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of ubber process oils.

Whey Protein Vanilla Flavor

A high protein shake is a great way to balance your diet, which in turn boosts the effectiveness of your workouts. This reason further makes Whey protein a good choice for weight loss. Medisys 100 % Whey Protein is an excellent choice to enhance your workout performance and support your lean muscle building by promoting fat burning.

Methyl Hexyl Ketone

Manufacturers of many types of chemicals such as calcium formate, methyl hexyl ketone, potassium persulfate, sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium persulfate, trimethylolpropane etc.


Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of ethylene, butyl acetate, butyl alcohol, butyl cellosolve, dehydrating agent, dibutyl phthalate, diethylene glycol, diacetone alcohol, dimethyl sulphate, ethyl acetate, ethylene dichloride, hplc solvents etc.