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Aplomb Tea

Aplomb Tea is a natural source of antioxidants called flavonoids which protect cells and tissues in human body. A supreme selection and fine blend of Pure Assam tea and long leaves, gives you a strong, red liquored tea with a heavenly aroma and taste that refereshes your soul. Benefits:- *Strongly inhibit tumor cells DNA synthesis. *Kills Cancer cells without harming healthy tissues. *Prevention of various Cancers. *Plays role in reducing the negative effects of bad cholesterol, lowering triglycerides. *Increases the production of good cholesterol, thus improving the LDL-HDL ratio. *It inhibits excessive blood clotting which prevents heart diseases & strokes.

Aplomb Tooth Paste

Aplomb Herbal toothpaste gives complete protection from cavities and other dental problems. Aplomb Herbal Toothpaste contains no artificial flavour, no chalk powder and no gelatin. Aplomb Herbal toothpaste is full of natural taste and freshness of herbs.Aplomb Herbal toothpaste is consumed much les, hence it is cost effecttive

Aplomb Fairness Cream

Aplomb Fairness Cream enhances skin complextion and reduces discolouration of skin, giving you unmatched glowing fairness, soothing and rejuvenating effect day by day. Moisturisenourishes the skin to make it appear smooth and smart. Benefits:- *Aplomb Fairness cream is a 100% natural formulation that improves complexion,nourishes and makes the skin look soft and supple. *It improves ease of application and faster absorption. *It works throughout the day making complexion fairer each time.

Aplomb Face Pack

Aplomb Whitening Face Pack enriched with Orange, Tumeric, Sandalwood and Minerals, helps to moisturize the skin and improve skin texture, making the skin appear soft, firm, youthful and radiant,with an even colour tone. Benefits:- *Face packs helps in removing dead cells of skin *Help In toning up the skin *Helps in conditioning and tightening the skin *Helps in reducing pimples,marks, rashes,etc.

Agro Care

Aplomb Agro Power Gold is concentrated multipurpose spray with an ionic and non ionic active ingredients, which on mixing with effeciency.It is excellent Spreader, Activator, and Wetter. Aplomb Agro Power Gold increases crop yield by improving pesticide coverage.It activates the spray fluid to moisten the plant surface and allows uniform spreading of spray deposits. It is a very helpful tool in irrigation, which improves the water absorption in soil. It helps and facilates in uniform mixing of powders, pesticides and most liquid fertilizers.

Aplomb Hair Oil

Aplomb Herbal Non Greasy Hair Oil enriched with Almond Oil. A premium unique herbal hair vertilizer ensures deeper oil penetration to give Hair and scalp complete nourishment, Rejuvenation, Relaxation from stress and relief from stress and relief from dandruff, gives hair nice silky and shiny look. Benefits:- *Scalp Complete Nourishment *Rejuvenation *Relaxation from stress *Relief from Dandruff *Stimulates Hair growth *Arrests falling of hair

Aplomb Hair Shampoo

Aplomb Conditioning Shampoodeepcleanses the hair follicles provide the much required moisture and nourishment to the roots to give extra shine to hair. The shampoo acts as a restructuring agent for damaged hair that retards aging process and prevents hair loss. Natural hair conditioner in the shampoo helps in highlighting coloured hair. Benefits:- *Cleanses the scalp *Conditions the hair.

Aplomb Bathing Soap

Aplomb soap is a natural gentle way to keep your skin clean, smooth and glowing througout the day. It has Aloevera known as the silent healer and its combination with our natural contents makes it more effective. Aplomb soap has been specially formulated keeping in mind the most delicate skin, making it pure and gentle soap that can be used everyday. Benefits:- *Cure Skin Infections

Tulsi Neem Face Wash

Shahnaz Husain Group of Companies is one of the best Ayurvedic and herbal cosmetic brands, which has its centre worldwide also. This group of Company was started in 1970s in New Delhi, and with time it covers each and every aspect of Ayurvedic care and cure. Shahnaz Husain Group deals with wide variety of Ayurvedic and herbal beauty products both for hair and skin, like Herbal Beauty Products, Massage Oils, Hair Care Products, Skin Care Products and much more.

Ayurvedic Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

Prakruti Jiyo Fresh Nurvi Cream use for dark spot, dark circle, glowing skin, pimples etc.