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200 to 300W ATX PC Power Supply

Features: Power: 200 to 300W Input voltage: 90 to 132 or 180 to 264V AC Input frequency: 47 to 63Hz Input current: 4 or 8A for 115 to 230V AC Output efficiency: 65% at full load, nominal line Output voltage: 3.3, 5V, 12V1, 12V2, -12V and 5Vsb Output current: 0.5, 2.0, 12 and 15A Double output power: 3.3 and 5V combined load, 115W 3 output power: 3.3, 5 and 12V combined load, 265W Form factor: ATX 12V version 2.3V Fan: 8cm Connector: 20 + 4 pins M/B x 1, 4 pins + 12V CPU x 1, peripheral x 6, floppy x 2 Protections: over-voltage, -current and short-circuit Ambient temperature: 25C Environment operating temperature: 5 to 40C Environment storage temperature: -20 to 70C Applications: Suitable for home and office computers Used for industrial computer, security system and testing devices Ideal for bank computer, tax control computer and computer network system Game supercomputers, train and military computer system Cage size: (L)150x(W)140x(H)86mm MTBF: <50000 hours at 80% load Certifications: CB, CUL, TUV, CSA, NEMKO, SEMKO, DEMKO, FIMKO, BSMI EMI/RFI: FCC part 15 class B, CISPR 22 class B and CE

Lowest domestic airfare

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Electrical Switches Parts

We are manufacturer importer & exporter of adaptor power, wall plug-in adaptor, desktop adaptor, charger, car charger, ac charger, open frame power, ac/dc open frame power, dc/dc open frame power, switching power supply, led power supply, pc power supply, indusrial power supply, invertor power source, dc/ac invertor power etc.

Satellite Trainer

Features: * Emulation of path loss at uplink and downlink * Emulation of frequency translation * High RF output power and low noise * PLL synthesizer in Transmitter, Receiver and Satellite * Condenser microphone and speaker for audio link * Camera and Monitor for video link * 4 Dish for linear polarization study * C/N and S/N measurement facility * Transmit Audio, Video, Digital/Analog data, Tone, Voice, function generator waveforms etc. * Receives & demodulates 3 Signals Simultaneously Technical Specifications: Satellite Uplinking Transmitter - Frequency : 4 channels in 5.8 Ghz band ; PLL with frequency selection switch & LED indication - RF output level : +3 dBm nominal with wideband RF amplifier with no manual matching required - Audio 1 : Int. 1KHz sine wave / Ext Mic Ext. Function Generator waveform - Audio 2 : Int. 1KHz sine wave / Ext Mic Ext. Function Generator waveform - Video : Analog Camera/VCD compatible - Waveform : upto 5MHz Function Generator - Digital : Max rate 100KHz typical - Baseband : Transmits 3 signals simultaneously at each uplink frequency - Processor : PIC16F4 - 8 bit RISC processor based PLL with 4 Mhz clock - Bandwidth : 16 Mhz - Modulation : 5/ 5.5MHz Audio FM Modulation 8 Mhz Video FM Modulation - Antenna : Detachable Parabolic dish with mount - Inputs : separate terminals for different inputs - Power Supply : 100-240VAC 47-63Hz Satellite Downlink Receiver - Frequency : 4 channels in 5.8 Ghz band PLL Controlled ISM Band - Sensitivity : -80dBm - Audio 1out : Speaker inbuilt/output - Audio 2 out : Speaker inbuilt/output - Video Out : 5MHz, 1V p/p - Digital : Max rate 100KHz typical TTL - RSSI Out : Received signal strength output for C/N measurement - Antenna : Detachable Parabolic dish with mount - Demodulation : Receives & demodulates 3 signals simulataneously - Power Supply : 100-240VAC 47-63Hz

Wire to board connector MX3.0 connector

Automotive connector:board to board connector,wire to board connector,pin header,female header,box header,ejector header,fpc connector,idc connector

projector lamp

Projector Lamp _ Panasonic (PTAE 7000) with housing, Genuine Quality Products , 1000 hr warranty. 7-15 dayz after the payment received

2W Isolated Wide Input Single Output DC/DC Converters

"2W Isolated Wide Input Single Output DC/DC Converters The TP2L is a series of high performance miniature DC/DC converters having regulated outputs over the wide temperature range of -40 degree centigrade to 85 degree centigrade. The input voltage range is 2:1 isolation is 1kVDC. Continuous short circuit protection, external control and extremely small SIP packaging. "

Electrical Service provider

We are Electrical Service Provider we are here to give you quick service and competitive rate for your required Service, It reminder for it,so please send the inquiry for your required Service regularly.