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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

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Blow Moulded Container Handles

Cube container is a lightweight flexible pouch made of LDPE contained in a fully printed corrugated case. By use of a telescopic spout, the container can be attached to automated mixing equipment or poured direct into a mixing tank. The high-quality, injection-moulded neck is very reliable as a leak proof seal. All of collapsible LDPE cubitainers are particle free and stable solutions and reagents with extended durability. Utilization: Pharmaceutical products (clinical reagents,lysing reagents,detergents,hematology reagents,isotonic diluents,calibration buffers,other medical reagents etc.), veterinary products(serum,gel,etc.), chemical (ink,liquid fertilizer, urea solution,coating), cleaning products (Detergent,bleach, etc).

Tin Paint Container Handles

Cubitainer, collapsible jerry cans, cube container, liquid container, bag-in-box etc.

Industrial & Shipping Containers, Barrels And Drums

The cubitainer combines a flexible, heavy-duty cube insert made from linear low-density polyethylene, placed inside a corrugated fiberboard overpack. 18-l and 20-l bag-in-box style container of sake for restaurant use the collapsible plastics soft container is a practical,safe and economical method of carrying and storing potable water, sake, mirin, plug wine, cooking wine, rice wine, liquid sauces, condiment, edible oil,liquid sugar,millet wine,soy sauce,foodstuff additives,vinegar,rice flavoured spirit vinegar,and other liquid foods, description: - emergency container for individual or family distribution. - material: compliant for water storage and food contact, food grade ldpe. - tap is an option. To be order separately. Injection molded screw cap with integral cap or quick serve tap and spigot.


The duraedge microtome blades manufactured to the highest standards for sharpness, consistency and durability and capable of sectioning tissue for biopsies in ultra-thin sections, duraedge blades gives you unsurpassed precision in the lab.

Medical & Hospital Supplies & Consumables

Combination collapsible LDPE cube package (cubitainer) is a liquid container consisted of cardboard and flexible plastic collapsible containers. Because of their excellent reliability and diversified application, it leads the industry as the best-selling products of this kind. Utilization: Chemical(ink,coating,bleach,etc), cosmetic products(cream,etc.).


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