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Smart Cards And Readers

Exporters and suppliers of smart card, mobile dialer, unlocking card, communications terminal, etc.

optical switch D2X2B / fiber optical switch D2X2B Low Insertion Loss

Features Low Insertion Loss Wide Wavelength Range Low Crosstalk High Stability, High Reliability Epoxy-free on Optical Path Latching and Non-latching Application - Optical Signal Switching and Routing - Optical Network Protection and Restoration - Optical Network Monitoring - Video Distribution - Instrumentation Resource Sharing - Military Communications Parameters OSW-D2x2B Wavelength Range nm 650~1310 1260~1670 Testing Wavelength nm 650/780/850/980/1064/1310 1310/1490/1550/1625/1650 Insertion Loss dB Typ:0.6,Max:1.0 Typ:0.5 ,Max:0.8 Return Loss dB ≥30 ≥50 Crosstalk dB ≥35 ≥50 PDL dB ≤0.05 WDL dB ≤0.25 TDL dB ≤0.25 Repeatability dB ≤0.02 Power supply v 3.0 or 5.0 Lifetime Cycle ≥107 Switch Time ms ≤8 Transmission Power mW ≤500 Operation Temperature ℃ -40~+85 Storage Temperature ℃ -40~+85 Weight g 16 Dimension mm (L)27(W)12.5(H)8.2(0.2) Route states Pins Optical Path Electric Drive Sensor Status D2X2B 1 5 6 10 3-4,7-8 2-3,8-9 Latching P1-P3 P1-P3 N/A N/A GND +5V OPEN CLOSE P1-P4 P1-P4 P2-P3 P2-P3 +5V GND N/A N/A CLOSE OPEN Non-Latching P1-P3 P1-P3 N/A N/A N/A N/A OPEN CLOSE P1-P4 P1-P4 P2-P3 P2-P3 +5V N/A N/A GND CLOSE OPEN Electrical parameters Voltage Current Resistor 5V Latching 4.55.5 3644mA 125Ω 5V Non-Latching 4.55.5 2632mA 175Ω 3V Latching 2.73.3 5466mA 50Ω 3V Non-Latching 2.73.3 3947mA 70Ω Dimensions Ordering Information:OSW-D2x2B-A-B-C-D-E-F-G A B C D E F G Mode Wavelength Voltage Control Model Fiber Diameter Fiber Length Connector SM:9/125um M5:50/125um M6:62.5/125um 85:850nm 13:1310nm 14:1490nm 15:1550nm 162:1625nm 165:1650nm 13/15:1310/1550nm 3:3v 5:5v L:Latching N:Non-Latching 25:250um 90:900um 20:2.0mm 30:3.0mm 05: 0.5m 10: 1.0m 15: 1.5m OO:None FP: FC/PC FA: FC/APC SP: SC/PC SA: SC/APC LP: LC/PC LA: LC/APC

Electronic Telecom Cables & Connectors

Exporters and suppliers of smart card, mobile dialer, unlocking card, communications terminal, etc.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile phones have to call a group numbers even a long access number, card number, password. But now itfs easy to call when we have a mobile dialer. You need to change your original dial habit or call a long access number, you can open your phone book and call a called number directly, please donft hesitate to enjoy a variety of communications service that support by providers now. Support direct call ip phone, dial twice ip phone, callback compatible more than 80% mobile phone like nokia, samsung, sony ericsson, lg, motorola, htc, blackberry, etc.

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

HDMI Adapter For iPad and iPhone 4 Livsim has released the first HDMI adapter in the world for the iPad and iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G. Now you can watch your iPad and iPhone HD movies on an HD TV. It is amazing! You have never seen a HDMI adapter as cool as this! What do you get from HDMI? Put simply, whatever is displayed on your iPad or iPhone you be viewed perfectly on your HD TV, projector or HD display - videos, vodcasts, HD movies, MTV clips.