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Contact Person: Mr. Shyam Khanna & Mr. Luv Khanna

Address: 1-D/10, Vijay Vihar CHS, S-T Road, Chembur

Mumbai , Maharashtra , India - 400 071





Cattle Feed Supplements

Manufacturer & exporter of herbal cattle feed supplement.

High Frequency Electric Resistance Welding Steel Pipe

Tianjin Xinyue Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd is specialized in producing high-tech ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) and SSAW (Spiral Submerged Arc welded) pipes. Our company has advanced φ610 mm high-frequency straight seam resistance welding machine, and φ3048mm spiral submerged arc welded machine. As well, besides ERW and SSAW factories, we have another three associated factories for LSAW and SMLS production throughout China.

Ayurvedic & Herbal Products

Manufacturer & exporter of herbal cattle feed supplement, herbal pesticide.

Cosmetics & Toiletries

Manufacturer & exporter of cosmetics & toiletries product, heena shampoo, skin brightener, face wash.

Henna Accessories

Manufacturer & exporter of heena shampoo.

Tulsi Neem Face Wash

Shahnaz Husain Group of Companies is one of the best Ayurvedic and herbal cosmetic brands, which has its centre worldwide also. This group of Company was started in 1970s in New Delhi, and with time it covers each and every aspect of Ayurvedic care and cure. Shahnaz Husain Group deals with wide variety of Ayurvedic and herbal beauty products both for hair and skin, like Herbal Beauty Products, Massage Oils, Hair Care Products, Skin Care Products and much more.