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Manufacturers and suppliers of yellow pigment, red pigment, violet pigment, blue & green pigment, inorganic pigment.

Abrasives & Allied Products

Section 1 - Chemical Product And Company Identification C. I. Pigment Index: C.I. Pigment Orange 36 Trade Names: Pigment Orange 36 Chemical Family: Benzimidazolone Cas No.: 12236-62-3 Eu No.: 235-462-4 C.I. No.: 11780 Structural Formula: Section 2 C Physical And Chemical Data Color Shade: Reddish Orange Molecular Weight: 416.81 Chemical Formula: C17H13Cln6O5 Oil Absorption(Ml/100G): 50 Ph: 6.0-7.0 Section 3 C Fastness Properties Light Fastness: 8 Heat Resistance: 300 Water Resistance: 5 Oil Resistance: 4-5 Acid Resistance: 5 Alkali Resistance: 5 Section 4 C Recommended Applications Main Applications: Industrial Paint, Coating Can Use: Plastic, Master Batch.

Aceto Nitrile

Product Description C. I. No.: Pigment Orange 64 C. I. 12760 Cas No: 72102-84-2 Hue: Reddish Orange Corresponding Product: Cromophtal Orange Gp----Ciba Chem. Group: Benzimidazolone Molecular: C12H10 Cin6O4 Molecular Weight: 302.25 Chemical Name: 5-[(2.3-Dihydro-6-Methyl-2-Oxo-1H-Benzimidazol-5-Yl)Azo]-2, 4, 6-(1H, 3H, 5H-) Pyrimidinetrione Density(G/Cm3 ): 1.59 Bulk Density(Lb/Gal): 13.4 Melting Point( C): 330 Average Particle Size /:250 Form Of Particle: Clava Specific Surface /(M2 /G): 24 Ph Value(10Slurry): Oil Absorption/(G/100G): 60 Commentary: Very Good Weather Resistence, Heat Resistence Solvent Resistence, Acid Resistence And Alkai Resistence. Solvent Resistence. Packing: 25Kg/Drum Solvent Resistence : Alcohol 5 ,Xylene 4-5 ; Butanol 4-5; Butyl Acetate 4-5; Methy Ethy Ketone 4-5 ; Solvent Oil 4-5 Test Should Be Necessary Before Use Every Time.