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Contact Person: Mr. Zaki Bhavnagarwala

Address: 401, Monarch Chambers, Marol Maroshi Road Andheri East

Mumbai , Maharashtra , India - 400 059





Dyes & Color Additives

We stand for an idea of being eco-fabulous and pushing forward all those connected to us towards the goal of a natural healthy colorful world. We have taken stand for ideas and products in line with Natural Dyes leading to a safer and environmentally viable option of healthy colors. We are ridiculously determined to unleash the full potential of Natural Colors so everyone can truly feel the ecstasy of eco-friendly dyes and to honor and protect our priceless environment and bodies. Our vision and mission is to create a spree of awareness and make the use of natural dyes a routine habit in each and everyones life by making it more accessible and adaptable to world.


Exporter of high quality pigments like organic pigment paste, organic pigment powder, inorganic pigment, enamel pigment, printing inks pigment, synthetic resin, latex pigment, wood stains pigment and soaps pigment.

Adhesives Sealants and Bonding Agents

Dealers and retailers of flooring adhesive, industrial adhesives, construction adhesives, synthetic adhesives, acrylic adhesive, adhesive sealants, specialty adhesive sealant, polyurethane sealants, waterproofing products and repairing products.

Beaded Fashion Jewelry

Retailers, suppliers and exporters of coral beads, turquoise beads, all kinds of beads such as gemstone beads, sterling silver beads, glass beads, metal beads, wooden beads, bone beads, luster beads, glass beads, frosted beads, rainbow beads, foil beads, chevron beads, glass beads, venetian beads, wooden beads, pearl seed beads, mixed beads and lampwork beads, etc.